Language services

Conference Interpreting

Working with Spanish and Catalan as mother tongues and English, German and French as foreign languages, Laura has experience both in interpreting for the private market as well as for public institutions, most notably the European institutions.

Member of the professional associations: Verband der Konferenzdolmetscher (VKD) and Associació Professional de Traductors i Intèrprets de Catalunya (APTIC)

Some of her assignments include working with: European Parliament, FSC Forest Stewardship Council, Landesministerium Baden-Württemberg, Knauf, cosnova GmbH, Kyowa Kirin, SerielizadosFest Barcelona, Alfred Kärcher GmbH, Lufthansa, Deutsches Generalkonsulat in Barcelona and many more.


Her work as a translator is highly varied and includes many different types of clients and assignments. She especially enjoys creative works, such as marketing, web content or reports.

She has lately been translating youth literature for laGalera Young.