With a strong passion for languages ever since I am able to remember, some years ago I embarked on the ever-surprising journey of interpreting and translating for those who want to understand or those who need their voices heard. If you are on the search for someone who can truly hear what has not been said or read what has not been written, then you may have just found exactly who you are looking for. Bear with me.
Conference Interpreting
Catalan as Foreign Language


Some of the amazing things I've been working on during 2018


Language Services

The translation of a written or spoken message shall never focus on words, but on ideas and meanings. My goal is to help you communicate better. I want you to understand what you otherwise cannot fathom and I want the others to hear the message you wish to convey. Tell me — what can I do for you?
Are you organising or attending a conference and there will be some speakers whose mother tongue you or other participants may not understand? This is indeed where I can help!
Outreach is a thing. And proper outreaching of your services probably requires talking to people with whom you don't share the same language. Don't trust globish. Trust a language professional.
Desktop Publishing
Are you a DIY type of person? Let me help you translate even the most tricky InDesign documents. The nicer they are, the better and more inspiring they will be. Because we love challenges, don't we?
Projects in 2018
Dog walks


Wondering who is behind 49ºN? A young woman from Barcelona, currently living in Germany, who collaborates with trustworthy colleagues to rise up to your challenges.
Laura Obradors Noguera
Laura Obradors Noguera

Freelance Translator and Interpreter

Creative, passionate and communication-oriented. I've been translating and interpreting since 2013 and living in Germany since summer 2015.

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